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thoughts on Abstract Expressionism

I went to the Chicago Art Expo which hosts contemporary works of art.  Abstract Expressionism and Representational pieces seem like two different worlds and I think they should be judged in different ways.  Representational pieces can be judged on its visual representation but I do not think you can do the same with Abstract Expressionism.

I Won 3rd Place in Art Renewal Center Scholarship Competition

I just found out that I won 3rd place in the Art Renewal Center scholarship competition.

Samson Master Copy, Color, and Comparing Old and Contemporary Paintings

Update on my master copy of Samson dealing with color and also my thoughts on paintings being made today compared to the old masters.

Two Videos for Two Weeks of Summer

I read another great book on Composition and I have started playing around with ink and a reed pen.

Another week of summer, I saw the Eclipse in totality and read an incredible book on landscape painting.

Comparing Technique with Nick Alm

In this video I talk about my current painting and compare the technique with Nick Alm.

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